Used Garbage Trucks for Sale

Managing waste is a key concern for any municipality. Garbage collectors need reliable waste haulers to get the job done in a timely fashion and, to keep costs down, managers need machines that are economical to operate and maintain. That's why an investment in your fleet is so important. The choices you make when purchasing new or used garbage trucks can have a profound impact on your overall performance and cost-effectiveness.

Truck Site can help. For more than a decade, we've been connecting municipal purchasing managers and contractors to one of the best selections of CaliforniaClean® used trucks nationwide. Follow the links on this page to browse our current inventory of garbage trucks for sale at great prices.

Matching You With the Right Truck for Your Needs

Truck Site has multiple options for anyone in the market for a used garbage truck. Our inventory of waste haulers and used sanitation trucks for sale is primarily sourced from former municipal vehicles that have spent their entire operational lives in conditions favorable to preventing rust and salt damage. We sell and ship:

  • Used front loaders: Front loading garbage trucks feature automated forks on the front of the vehicle for picking up dumpsters and other large trash containers. They are most commonly used for commercial or industrial trash collection rather than residential waste.
  • Used rear loaders: Rear loading garbage trucks are often used for municipal collection. Workers can throw bags of waste in by hand. Alternatively, several models feature a cart tipper or a kick bar attachment for emptying bins. All rear loaders include a packer for compressing garbage.
  • Used side loaders: Side loading garbage trucks are another common choice for municipal applications. Both manual and automatic lift options are available.

As you'll see on this page, we carry a great selection of used garbage trucks for sale by Leach, Heil and other manufacturers known around the world for their quality and reliability.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

In addition to conventional vehicles, we also frequently have alternate fuel refuse trucks for sale. Automatic loading garbage trucks can be powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) or conventional fuel sources. To learn more about the current inventory of used CNG and LNG garbage trucks for sale at Truck Site, contact us directly.

Why Buy Used?

There are several advantages to buying a used garbage truck from Truck Site. By buying a waste hauler used, you get more for your purchasing dollar, allowing you to expand your fleet on a budget. Most of the used garbage trucks for sale from Truck Site have low mileage. All our sanitation trucks are in excellent condition and come fully inspected by our team of heavy machinery experts. 

When you need to purchase a garbage truck for your fleet, save the depreciation and buy used. Truck Site's great collection of used garbage trucks for sale is available to ship globally. Contact our team today for more information.

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Garbage Trucks - Automated Side Loaders
2009 Autocar Heil Rapid Rail 30 Yard ASL Garbage Truck

Cummins ISL, Low Miles, Rapid Rail Arm, Ex-City!

Call For Price
miles 43,167
stock 14411
2008 Autocar Heil Rapid Rail Single Axle Side Loader

ISC, Low Miles / Hours, Single Axle Side Loader, Ex-City Unit!

Call For Price
miles 57,914
stock 13181
2007 American LaFrance Wayne Curbtender Side Loader

31 Yard Body, Cummins, Tag Axle, Heavy Spec, Ex-City Unit!

Call For Price
miles 105,560
stock 13308
2007 Peterbilt Labrie Automizer ASL Garbage Truck

Cummins ISM, 29 Yard Body, 12' Arm Reach, Ex-City Unit!

Call For Price
miles 79,029
stock 14478
2006 Peterbilt Heil Rapid Rail ASL Garbage Truck

Cummins ISM, 30 YD Body, Right Hand Steer, Ex-City!

Call For Price
miles 152,319
stock 14301
2006 Autocar Heil Rapid Rail ASL Garbage Truck

Rapid Rail Side Loader for Sale, Cummins, Tag Axle, 30 Yard, DPF!

Call For Price
miles 154,311
stock 14011
2000 Peterbilt Amrep Side Load Garbage Truck

36 Yard Body, Full Eject, DPF, Multiple Ex-City Units Available!

Call For Price
miles 122,862
stock 12762
Garbage Trucks - Manual Side Loaders
2009 CCC Labrie Expert 2000 Side Load Garbage Truck

Dual Cart Tippers, 33 Yard, Cummins, Low Miles, Ex-City!

Call For Price
miles 51,058
stock 14154
Garbage Trucks - Rear Loaders
2010 CCC Low Entry Pak-Mor Garbage Rear Loader

Cummins, 25 Yard, DPF, Ex-City Unit!

Call For Price
miles 98,702
stock 14095
2008 CCC Low Entry Pak-Mor 25 Yard Rear Loader

Rear Load Packer! Low Miles/Hours! Cart Tipper! Ex-City!

Call For Price
miles 83,659
stock 13970
Garbage Trucks - Container Carriers
2003 Autocar Dempster LFW 1303-C Container Carrier Truck

LFW Dumpster Carrier, Low Miles, Cummins ISC, Ex-Gov't Unit!

Call For Price
miles 48,474
stock 13131
Used Bodies / Parts - Garbage Bodies
2013 DaDee Scorpion 30 Yard Side Load Body & Arm

30 Yard Body, 96" Arm Reach, Ex-City

Call For Price
stock P10131
Leach 2RII Packmaster 32 Yard Rear Load Body

Complete Rear Load Body, Low Usage, Ex-City!

Call For Price
stock P10081
Labrie Automizer 60/40 Split Side Load Body

31 Yard Body, Dump Eject, Ex-City!

Call For Price
stock P10120
Heil Rapid Rail Complete Bodies

Complete Heil Rapid Rail Body for Sale, 30 Yard!

Call For Price
stock P10088