Used Tymco Trucks for Sale

Tymco street sweepers are known for being versatile machines capable of performing equally well in crowded city streets, on major highways or in large parking lots. Ideal for any street sweeping application, Tymco machines retain their value well and can be counted on for long-term reliability with low ongoing maintenance and operating costs. 

Truck Site is proud to offer a large inventory of Tymco sweepers for sale, much of which we have sourced from California state and municipal government fleets. You can find our current selection of available machines below. Request a quote online or contact a sales representative directly for assistance choosing the right sweeper for you.

Tymco Quality in Action

What makes Tymco machines different from other sweepers? Here's a quick overview of some of the ways a Tymco sweeper can benefit you:

  • Tymco sweepers are economical to own and run. They require little regular maintenance and are built to an exceptionally high standard of quality. With a small investment in preventative service, they can be counted on to maintain optimal uptime in any application.
  • Tymco sweepers are easy to use and comfortable. Operators love them because they can run them all day without causing fatigue. Fleet managers appreciate that their intuitive controls make them easy to train new staff on.
  • Tymco sweepers command a strong resale value. Like all heavy equipment, they depreciate most during their first year of use. Following that, prices for well-cared-for machines remain consistent, making a used Tymco street sweeper an excellent investment for any organization.
  • Tymco sweepers are good for the environment and have been engineered to do more with less fuel, less electricity and less water. Aside from conventional sweepers, Truck Site frequently has used alternative fuel machines available for sale. Choosing CNG or LNG instead of diesel means lower fuel costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

Our Used Inventory

Truck Site has a number of high-quality used Tymco street sweepers for sale, including Tymco 435, Tymco 210, and Tymco 600 — an industry-recognized workhorse and one of the company's most versatile models.

Tymco sweepers that are sourced from government agencies in California are what we call California Clean™. They have been meticulously cared for their entire lives and never been exposed to the harsh weather conditions that can cause trucks to rust out prematurely. You can count on them to deliver all of the performance you expect from a Tymco sweeper for years to come.

Financing and Shipping

All Tymco sweepers for sale from Truck Site qualify for our financing program and can be shipped worldwide. Apply for financing online or contact a representative to learn more about the process involved in getting your purchase delivered to your location. In the past, we have found cost-effective ways to deliver units to Mexico, Canada, Europe and beyond.

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Street Sweepers - Air Vacuum
2018 Isuzu NQR Tymco 435 Air Street Sweeper

Low Miles & Sweep Hours, Stainless Steel Hopper, Very Clean Unit!

Call For Price
miles 23,029
stock 14493
2014 Isuzu NQR Tymco 435 Air Street Sweeper

Low Miles & Hours, 4 YD Hopper, Very Clean Unit!

Call For Price
miles 28,398
stock 14679
2014 Freightliner M2 Tymco 600 BAH Air Street Sweeper

Low Miles/Hours, Cummins ISB, Stainless Steel Hopper, Ex-City Unit!

Call For Price
miles 53,392
stock 14661
2009 International Tymco 600 BAH Street Sweeper

Low Miles, 7.3 YD Hopper, 142" Sweep Path, Ex-City Unit!

Call For Price
miles 25,069
stock 14284
2008 Isuzu Tymco DST-6 Dustless Stainless Steel Street Sweeper

Stainless Steel Hopper, Dustless Sweeping, Low Miles / Hours!

Call For Price
miles 23,479
stock 13898
2008 International Tymco 600 Air Street Sweeper

Low Miles, Low Sweep Hours, Clean Ex-City Unit!

Call For Price
miles 64,590
stock 14201
2007 Freightliner Tymco 600 CNG Air Vacuum Sweeper

Call For Price
miles 85,548
stock 14723