Johnston Street Sweepers

    Truck Site has a large inventory of used Johnston sweepers for sale. We source our inventory primarily right here in California, typically from municipal fleets and government contractors. You can shop with confidence knowing your purchase has been well maintained throughout its service life.

    When you choose a reliable machine, an investment in a used Johnston street sweeper is one that can be counted on for years of performance in any application. Browse our current inventory by following the links below or contact a team member for help identifying the right machine for your needs.

    About Johnston Sweepers

    The Johnston Company’s roots date back as far as 1904 — for more than 110 years, they have been leading innovation in street sweeper technology. Choose a Johnston sweeper for any application, whether it’s cleaning streets, shopping mall parking lots or pedestrian areas. Current products in the company’s line include:

    • Sub-compact sweepers, ideal for confined spaces and crowded city streets
    • Compact sweepers, featuring powerful suction and cleaning capacity in a smaller package that’s easier to maneuver
    • Mid-size sweepers, which provide an ideal compromise between smaller and truck-mounted units
    • Truck-mounted sweepers, designed for durable and reliable service in all heavy-duty and large-scale municipal applications

    Buying Used at Truck Site

    At Truck Site, we most frequently have truck-mounted used Johnston sweepers for sale, though we may be able to source a compact, sub-compact or mid-sized models for any customer in search of one. Johnston sweepers can be retrofitted with several optional packages that expand their capabilities, including the VT eco-patch, which improves fuel economy without compromising performance.

    All used Johnston sweepers for sale from Truck Site have been fully inspected by our in-house mechanical team. We ensure that both the sweeper itself — and, if applicable, the truck chassis it is mounted to — are in the best condition possible for their age. As a result, we can guarantee any machine you order will be delivered to you in working condition, ready to take its place as a valued member of your fleet.

    We Ship Worldwide

    Buying a used Johnston street sweeper from Truck Site allows you to take advantage of California CleanÔ quality. The majority of our used units have been sourced locally, which means they have never been exposed to snow, salt or other conditions that cause premature wear. Even a unit with substantial hours or miles can potentially be in better condition than a newer street sweeper from elsewhere in the country.

    Whatever your budget and type of machine you are looking for, Truck Site can match you with the right used Johnston sweeper for your needs. We have shipped sweepers to customers around the world and are adept at finding affordable solutions to the logistical challenges you face in getting your purchase delivered. Call our office to get started today.

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