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Used Commercial Truck Financing

Our commercial buyers all tell us one thing: the appeal of a quality, well-maintained used commercial truck lies in how it allows them to save money, and to avoid tying up capital in a costly new truck. While a new truck can be tempting, if you’re on a budget, a new one might not be in the cards. For companies that provide a range of services, a new truck might also not make sense if it won’t be operating every day. If a vehicle spends even a part of the week parked, you don’t want cash flow sitting dormant.

The alternative? A top-quality used commercial truck or piece of equipment.

We Offer Attractive Commercial Vehicle Finance Options

We at Truck Site want to offer you the best value possible, which is why we carry ex-municipal and government agency trucks and equipment, predominantly from California, to ensure rust-free condition. We list more than a dozen different truck and equipment types, such as street sweepers, garbage trucks, dump trucks, fire trucks, cab and chassis trucks, cranes and elecom equipment.

To make your purchase even easier, and to provide great flexibility, we can also offer you great financing options. Businesses, municipalities and other government agencies can benefit from our fast online financing application. In just a few clicks, you can submit your application for used commercial truck and equipment financing, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. This is our way of providing extra value to our customers, and to help you get the equipment to run your business efficiently and profitably.

All of our vehicles and equipment at Truck Site are guaranteed to be operational and ready to work upon delivery. We can even ship all over the world, since our clean, rust-free trucks attract attention around the globe. Our team inspect each vehicle and verify that all service and maintenance has been done. We will even customize and paint your truck to match your business colors. We pride ourselves on offering the best selection, flexibility and service possible, to make your used commercial truck and equipment purchase easy.

If you already have financing, no problem! Simply click on through and browse our wide selection. If you are interested in our financing options, simply follow the link below to our online application and fill in the form. All registered businesses and government agencies can apply, and we’ll give you your answer in less than one day. Once you’re approved, we work quickly to help you find the exact commercial vehicle or piece of equipment your business requires.

With a name like “Truck Site,” you know we specialize in one thing: trucks! Our used commercial truck range is constantly growing, so check back often and see what we have to offer. You can always give us a call if you have any questions, and then apply online for financing. Our goal is to make it easy for you to get into the perfect commercial truck for your business. Your success is our success, so contact us today here at Truck Site and let us know how we can help you.