Commercial Vehicle Shipping

For over a decade, we have been growing our company and building our reputation as a leader in used commercial truck and equipment sales. While we started in the US, we quickly garnered the attention of customers around the world looking for high-quality commercial vehicles that have been serviced and maintained by municipalities and government agencies.

Today, we are proud to be able to offer commercial vehicle shipping across the globe! We have experience shipping to Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and South America, as well as providing contact with customs brokers in Mexico and Canada. Our clean, rust-free commercial vehicles, most from the dry, salt-free roads of California, are making their mark thanks to the great value they offer businesses of all sizes around the world.

Not Your Average Shipment

All of our trucks have been well-maintained and serviced by groups like government agencies and municipalities, meaning they have many more years of reliable service in them. Our team makes sure your truck is ready for you:

  • We inspect and verify each and every vehicle to ensure it’s in proper working order. 
  • We create a detailed online listing including pictures, mileage and model and feature details.
  • We offer customization and painting services to create the perfect look for your business. 
  • We guarantee that your truck is operational and ready for use when it arrives at your door.   
  • We offer easy financing through our online application form, with a response in under 24 hours.

All of these combine to make purchasing a used truck through Truck Site a breeze. On top of that, when you consider our available worldwide shipping, there really is no better or more flexible commercial vehicle company around.

No Point Shipping Junk Around the World 

As you can imagine, customers ordering a truck from California and shipping it to another part of the country, continent or world are pretty demanding. They don’t want a second-rate used vehicle on its last legs, or one that’s full of rust and in need of repairs. We really take our “No Rust Buckets Here” motto to heart, and only list clean, rust-free trucks and equipment here on our site.

When we organize shipping, we know that you’re expecting your truck or vehicle to hit the ground running and start providing your business with a full day’s work right away. Give us a call today and let us know where you’re located and what kind of truck or equipment you’re looking for. Our team will do everything to get your truck shipped to you quickly and safely, and let you enjoy a high-quality used CaliforniaClean® truck no matter where you are.