California Clean®

All our vehicles are
verified rust-free


What Is CaliforniaClean®?

At Truck Site, you’ll often hear us call a truck or piece of commercial equipment “CaliforniaClean®.” So what exactly does that mean? For us, it means a vehicle that has seen little to no road salt, chemicals or snow, and is devoid of rust damage. For commercial truck owners and operators, that’s a big deal. Rust can be a problem in several ways:

  • It attacks the chassis of your truck or vehicle, often in hidden areas that can’t be seen or easily repaired.
  • It can also corrode wires and electrical connections, rendering various electrical systems unreliable.
  • The body and floors of your vehicle can suffer rust damage in just a few years in heavy salted areas.

As you can see, a commercial vehicle that has spent years in an area of the country where snow and salt and de-icing chemicals are used is at a disadvantage when compared to a CaliforniaClean® equivalent. The vehicles we stock are verified to be rust-free. Most are ex-municipal or government vehicles that have been serviced and maintained according to strict manufacturer guidelines.

On top of that, our technicians do a thorough inspection and verification before listing each commercial vehicle on our site. We hang our reputation on offering only those vehicles that we feel deserve the CaliforniaClean® moniker, and work hard to maintain it. We apply the same care and attention to all of our products from over a dozen classes, including:

With such a large selection and rigorous standards, we have come to be one of the leading used commercial truck and equipment companies in the country. Because of the popularity and reputation of our CaliforniaClean® vehicles, we even offer shipping around the globe! Many customers in foreign countries or even other parts of the US see a real advantage to buying one of our rust-free vehicles, instead of buying a local truck that may be slightly less expensive, but requires significant rust damage repair to make it reliable.

You need to be able to rely on your commercial equipment, truck or vehicle. It’s a tool your business needs to satisfy customers and make money. If buying new isn’t possible, because of a tight budget or other, more pressing uses for your precious capital, going the quality used route is a smart decision. And who better to help you find the perfect vehicle than Truck Site, one of the best names in the business?

Our team will work hard to find you the CaliforniaClean® truck, vehicle or other piece of equipment you’re looking for, and show you just how clean it is. We never try to rush your decision, and are happy to take the time to go over every detail of your vehicle before purchase. We want you to be satisfied, because that’s how we grow our business.

We know that if you’re satisfied with your first equipment purchase from Truck Site, you’ll turn to us the next time you’re looking for a CaliforniaClean® vehicle. When you think Truck Site, remember our slogan: “No Rust Buckets Here!™”

Why California Commercial Vehicles Are Better

If the Beach Boys had been businesspersons instead of singers, we bet they would have sung, “I wish they all could be California trucks!” That’s something we hear frequently from our used commercial truck, vehicle and equipment customers. There’s a real advantage that CaliforniaClean® vehicles have over equivalent commercial vehicles sold in parts of the country that see snow and, therefore, salt and other de-icing chemicals:

  • The lack of ice and snow keeps the chassis and body rust-free. This also keeps underhood and underbody wiring and electronics from corroding, which can cause malfunctions that are difficult and costly to diagnose, locate and repair.
  • The chassis and body of your truck or vehicle will also be free from rust. Ice can build up in nooks and crannies and cause rust long after the winter is gone. And once chassis corrosion starts, it’s impossible to stop without significant work.
  • Even if there isn’t major rust damage, a vehicle from an area that gets snow will often be suffering from more stone chips and road debris damage than a CaliforniaClean® vehicle. The salt and sand used when roads get icy can be hard on the paint and headlights of a road-going vehicle.

This alone would be enough to convince most buyers that a clean, used commercial vehicle from California (or one that proves to be equally corrosion-free) is a better buy than one that has been subjected to aggressive road salt. At Truck Site, we don’t just leave it at that, however. We thoroughly inspect and verify each and every piece of equipment, truck and vehicle and make any repairs necessary.

The result is a commercial vehicle that is operational and ready to work when you get your hands on it, guaranteed! We’re proud of the California commercial vehicles we carry, and know that we can add real value to your company by offering you high value and flexibility. You want to spend your time and energy using your truck, bus, crane, street sweeper or other commercial vehicle as it was intended, and not having it repaired for various weather- and rust-related problems.

Some people might think they’re saving money by purchasing a vehicle from another state that’s suffering rust damage and can, therefore, be purchased at a lower cost. But time and time again, you’ll find that these savings are short-lived. The cost of repairing a used vehicle with rust damage is often greater than you first imagine, since a lot of rust damage is difficult or impossible to see at first glance.

Then, there’s also the cost of having a vehicle that’s out for service, or that you can’t depend on. Disappointing customers and missing deadlines because your sub-standard commercial vehicle is out-of-service can quickly ruin your reputation and hit your wallet.

Opt instead for a quality CaliforniaClean® commercial vehicle from Truck Site. We can even perform customization and repaint your vehicle to make it match your business and branding. We are proud of our excellent fleet of California vehicles, and will do what we can to prove that they’re the best choice for your business or organization!