Used Street Sweepers for Sale

On highways, busy municipal arteries and side streets, sweepers play an important role in keeping roads clean and safe. When it's time to upgrade your fleet, shop used with Truck Site and save. We've got one of the largest selections of used street sweepers available, including units by trusted manufacturers such as Elgin, Tymco, Schwarze and more. We also regularly have CNG sweepers for sale that save you on fuel costs and help you maintain compliance with current and future emissions regulations in your area.

You will find our current inventory of sweeper trucks for sale listed on the page below. Our used street sweepers for sale are sourced from government fleets, and many have been used exclusively in inland California's favorable climate throughout their operational life.

Street Sweepers for Sale from Truck Site

When it comes to choosing any type of used machinery, age and hours only tell a partial story. When shopping for a used street sweeper, you should consider:

  • Feature set: The used sweeper trucks for sale from Truck Site are versatile machines capable of performing a range of tasks beyond the one they are most associated with. A versatile street sweeper will have the flexibility to perform equally well on different surfaces, picking up different types of debris including sticks, leaves, salt and sand. Before making any purchase, think critically about what you want your sweeper to do and invest wisely in a unit that will offer the best all-around performance.
  • Maintenance and operating costs: While reliable used street sweepers come at all different price points, investing in a better quality machine can save you money in the future through reduced maintenance requirements and less downtime due to repairs. One of the benefits of buying used is that, by saving the depreciation, you can purchase a better machine than you would otherwise be able to afford.
  • Fuel type: Recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of alternative fuel street sweepers. Many of these units are now hitting the used market and are available for less. While diesel remains the most popular fuel choice, alternatives such as CNG (compressed natural gas), LNG (liquefied natural gas), and Propane can save you money on fuel costs and better position you to meet the regulatory challenges of the future.
  • PM-10 compliance: Many municipal bodies have rules in place for the control of suspended dust particles 10 micrometers in diameter or smaller. Compliance with local PM-10 regulations can be simplified by purchasing a street sweeper with a powerful, modern filtration system. Many of the used sweeper trucks for sale at Truck Site are PM-10 compliant, or can be easily upgraded. Contact us for details.

Why Truck Site?

There is no shortage of websites offering used power sweepers for sale, but few can deliver the guaranteed quality of Truck Site. We take great care to ensure your purchase has been well-maintained and is delivered in ready-to-work condition. All units offer exceptional value and come fully inspected by our team of skilled technicians, and we ship globally. To request a quote or learn more about any of our used Elgin, Tymco, Schwarze or Athey Mobil street sweepers for sale, contact a team member today by phone or email.

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Street Sweepers - Mechanical Brooms
2013 Global M4 Mechanical Broom Street Sweeper

Cummins ISB, 12,000 Lifting Capacity, Ex-Gov't Unit!

Call For Price
miles 54,471
stock 13915
2010 Freightliner Johnston MS350 CNG Broom Street Sweeper

Alternative Fuel Street Sweeper, Low Miles, High Dump, Ex-City!

Call For Price
miles 23,069
stock 13565
2009 Sterling Schwarze M6000SE CNG Broom Sweeper

Cummins CNG, Single Engine Sweeper, High Dump, Ex-City!

Call For Price
miles 33,052
stock 13716
2008 Elgin Pelican P 3 Wheel Broom Sweeper

PM-10 Certified, High Dump, Ex-City, 2 Units Available!

Call For Price
miles 43,449
stock 13777
2008 Elgin Pelican 3 Wheel Broom Street Sweeper

PM-10 Certified, High Dump, Ex-City, 2 Units Available!

Call For Price
miles 44,684
stock 13776
2008 Freightliner M2 Schwarze M6000 Mechanical Broom Sweeper

7.2L Diesel, Single Engine Sweeper, High Dump, Ex-City!

Call For Price
miles 55,680
stock 14553
2007 Sterling Elgin Broom Bear CNG Street Sweeper

Cummins 8.3L, CNG Broom Sweeper, High Dump, Ex-City!

Call For Price
miles 76,071
stock 14593
2006 Johnston 4000 CNG Mechanical Sweeper

Low Miles/Hours, High Hopper Lifting Capacity, Very Clean Ex-Govt Unit!

Call For Price
miles 40,859
stock 12921
2006 Sterling Schwarze M6000 LPG Propane Broom Sweeper

Propane Street Sweeper for Sale, Twin Engine, Ex-City!

Call For Price
miles 63,867
stock 13715
2005 Freightliner Elgin Broom Bear CNG Street Sweeper

Alternative Fuel Sweeper for Sale, CNG Broom Sweeper, Cummins, Ex-City!

Call For Price
miles 41,793
stock 13069
Street Sweepers - Air Vacuum
2018 Isuzu NQR Tymco 435 Air Street Sweeper

Low Miles & Sweep Hours, Stainless Steel Hopper, Very Clean Unit!

Call For Price
miles 23,029
stock 14493
2014 Freightliner M2 Tymco 600 BAH Air Street Sweeper

Low Miles/Hours, Cummins ISB, Stainless Steel Hopper, Ex-City Unit!

Call For Price
miles 53,392
stock 14661
2009 International Tymco 600 BAH Street Sweeper

Low Miles, 7.3 YD Hopper, 142" Sweep Path, Ex-City Unit!

Call For Price
miles 25,069
stock 14284
2009 GMC Schwarze A9000 CNG Air Street Sweeper

Low Hours / Miles, Used Vacuum Sweeper, CNG!

Call For Price
miles 59,727
stock 13591