California Clean: Why a Car from California is a Healthy Choice [Infographic]

california clean

Feeling Rusty

Rust, or iron oxide, comprises three oxygen atoms and two iron atoms and is the product of corrosion. Corrosion requires:

  • An anode – Positively charged electrode
  • A cathode – Negatively charged electrode
  • An electrolyte – An ion

In cars, the metal acts as both anode and cathode. Water is an electrolyte.

  • Even if your car is under cover, it can still develop rust from humidity.
  • A relative humidity below 55% can prevent the formation of rust.
  • It is virtually impossible for rust to form in clean air with a relative humidity less than 40%.

Salt acts as a more efficient electrolyte, making it easier for rust to form.

  • In the winter, salt is frequently used to melt snow and ice on roads.

Parts of your car that are more susceptible to rust:

  • Engine
  • Chassis
  • Frame
  • Trunk
  • Exhaust

The Problem with Rust

Rust can make your car appear dirty, but it also leads to more serious safety hazards.

  • Weakens metal
  • Creates holes
  • Acts as an insulator (prevents proper conduction of electricity)
  • Creates rough surfaces, causing moving parts to stick or grate against each other


  • Car paint seals your car’s metal body from moisture. Wash your car every two weeks and apply wax once a month to keep your paint job in pristine condition.
  • Drivers in harsher environments should apply anti-rust spray or protective lubricant for an added layer of protection.
  • If you plan to drive on icy, snowy roads covered in salt, wash your car more frequently, paying particular attention to the underside and wheel wells.
  • Inspect your car frequently for bubbles, flakes, scratches, and other signs of rust damage.

Rust Repair

  • For minor, cosmetic rust problems, sand away the rust and apply a primer and paint to the affected area.
  • If the rust has eaten a hole into your car, grind down the affected area and repair the hole with body filler.
  • Rust converters turn iron oxide into iron tannate, which is stable and won’t corrode metal. Most rust converters also contain polymers that add a protective primer coating.
  • For extensive rust damage, consult a professional.

California Clean

Consider purchasing a car from California for less corrosion. Low Precipitation

  • Average state humidity: 60%
  • Average annual precipitation
    • Low: 2.9 inches (El Centro)
    • High: 35.2 inches (San Rafael)
  • Compared to average annual precipitation in New York
    • Low: 34.3 inches (Rochester)
    • High: 62.8 inches (Slide Mountain)

Low Salt Content

  • A generally low amount of snow and ice means no salt on the roads.
  • Coastal mountains prevent salty ocean air from reaching inland.
  • However, even cars found by the coast would require consistent contact with ocean water to develop rust.



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