Used Altec Trucks for Sale

Bucket trucks are a key piece of equipment for organizations working in telecommunications, utility, construction, landscaping and a number of other industries. When it’s time to expand your fleet, a used Altec bucket truck is an excellent choice. Buying used lets you take advantage of the company’s industry-leading quality on any budget. A used Altec machine often will offer better long-term value than a comparably priced new unit from a lesser manufacturer, thanks in part to lower operating costs and increased productivity.

One key to buying used with confidence is to deal exclusively with a company you can trust. Truck Site has a more than 10-year track record of sourcing and selling high-quality used heavy equipment to customers around the world. We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a long list of satisfied customers, some of whose stories you can read on our Testimonials page.

Our current selection of used Altec bucket trucks for sale can be found below. Read on to learn more about the company’s products or contact a team member for assistance.

About Altec Trucks

Altec manufactures four main types of bucket truck:

  1. Overcenter: Altec overcenter aerial trucks are available in multiple configurations. With platform heights ranging from 47 to 93 feet, they are an ideal choice for high-rise construction and other applications in which safety at height is a key consideration.
  2. Non-overcenter: Non-overcenter trucks are capable of getting crew members higher, with platforms up to 150 feet available. Use a non-overcenter bucket truck for tree trimming and working on transmission and distribution lines, as well as other utility and power equipment.
  3. Telescopic: Telescopic aerial trucks are often used for hanging cable and traffic lights, working on distribution lines and more. They are highly portable and economical to run, while still delivering platform heights as high as 63 feet.
  4. Telescopic articulating: Telescoping articulating boom trucks have the additional advantage of being able to work around obstacles such as tree branches. Altec telescopic boom trucks are available with platform heights up to 64 feet, making them well suited for landscaping, tree trimming and related applications.

Used Altec Bucket Trucks for Sale at Truck Site

All used Altec bucket trucks for sale from Truck Site have been fully inspected by our team, with all known issues declared. We source most from government agencies, which means they have received excellent care throughout their service life. As a result, our products offer exceptional value when buying used. We specialize in what we call California Clean™ vehicles — used bucket trucks that have never been exposed to road salt and poor weather conditions that cause rusting.

Buying used doesn’t have to be a gamble. Let Truck Site match you with the right used Altec bucket truck for your budget. Call or email our office to get started today.

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Bucket Trucks - Telescopic Articulating
2011 Ford F550 Altec AT-37G 42' Insulated Bucket Truck

Insulated Bucket for Sale, 42' Working Height, Ex-Utility Co. Unit!

Call For Price
miles 149,355
stock 14443
2008 Ford F550 4x4 Altec AT37G Articulating Bucket Truck

42' Working Height, Articulating Basket, Ex-Utility Co. Unit!

Call For Price
miles 198,323
stock 14405
2008 Ford F550 4x4 Altec AT37G Articulated Bucket Truck

42' Working Height, 15,000 lbs Winch, Ex-Utility Co. Unit!

Call For Price
miles 123,784
stock 14436
2003 Ford F550 SD Altec AT35-G Articulating Bucket Truck

Diesel Bucket Truck, Insulated, Articulated Basket, Ex-City Unit!

miles 120,787
stock 14010
2003 Ford F550 Altec AT37-G 42' Articulated Bucket Truck

Insulated Boom, Articulating Basket, Clean Ex-City Unit!

Call For Price
miles 148,581
stock 14416
1999 Ford F450 Altec AT35G Articulating Bucket Truck

7.3L Diesel, Insulated, 300 lbs Capacity, Ex-Gov't

Call For Price
miles 90,677
stock 14360