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Digger derrick trucks are used primarily for utility work, telecommunications repairs and any other application in which it is necessary to bore large holes into the ground. At Truck Site, we have more than a decade of experience matching contractors and other organizations with the right tools for any job. We have a constantly changing inventory of used digger derricks for sale, most of which we source from right here in California. All of our products are in excellent condition for their age and will be delivered in ready-to-work condition. Find out more by browsing our inventory on this page or contacting a team member for assistance.

Digger Derrick Key Features

Shopping for a used digger derrick requires a careful consideration of your needs and budget. As with all major used equipment purchases, doing your research ahead of time and buying only from a source you trust is the best way to protect your investment. As you browse our selection of used digger derrick trucks for sale, you should consider the:

  • Auger: The core of any digger derrick is its auger. An auger is responsible for driving into the ground and moving loose dirt and other materials upward. Most digger derrick augers are of the hex-shaft type and range in size from 18" onward. Choose an auger that is in good condition and suited to the type of conditions you expect to encounter — for example, wider-diameter augers are generally better suited for wet or heavy soil.
  • Hydraulic motor: A digger derrick's hydraulic motor is responsible for delivering power to the auger. A more powerful auger will, obviously, dig holes faster, improving your crew's productivity. When buying any used hydraulic component, look for leaks and other damage but remember that older parts can often be re-cored cheaply, restoring them to like-new condition.
  • Engine and chassis: Digger derricks are mounted to a truck chassis. There are a number of potential options for anyone looking for a used unit. Digger derrick trucks may be diesel or gas-operated and equipped with A/C, an automatic transmission and other accessories. Truck chassis may also include a winch, hydraulic tool packs and other features to help you work more effectively.

Shopping Used at Truck Site

We source all used digger derrick trucks for sale at Truck Site from ex-government fleets, and they have been well-maintained throughout their life to date. Because the majority are from California, they have never been exposed to road salt or sleet, which means they are less likely to rust prematurely.

We are proud to serve a diverse range of global businesses and can arrange shipping of any unit to anywhere in the world. In the past, our team has been able to find cost-effective solutions to the logistical challenges associated with shipping to Mexico, Canada, Europe and beyond. Call today to request a quote!

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Digger / Drill Trucks - Digger Derricks
2001 International 4800 4x4 Altec D842ABR Digger Derrick

21,150 lbs Capacity, 42' Sheave Height, Capstan Winch, Ex-Utility

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