Used Rear Loader Garbage Trucks for Sale

Truck Site frequently has rear loader garbage trucks for sale from leading manufacturers such as McNeilusHeil and more. We take great care to select only high-quality trucks that have plenty of life left in them and can be counted on for years of service in any municipal application.

As the name implies, rear loader (packer) garbage trucks feature an opening in the rear lower portion of the truck body, into which refuse is fed manually, or is dumped via a cart tipper or kick bar. A hydraulic blade compacts the garbage, pushing it forward and increasing carrying capacity. Any of the used packer trucks for sale at Truck Site make an excellent choice for conventional trash collection.

Rear Loaders vs. Side and Front

The difference between front, side and rear loader garbage trucks are obvious from their names. What isn’t obvious is the various roles each play in different types of trash collection. Front loaders are most commonly used to collect large metal dumpsters in industrial and construction settings. They feature hydraulic arms that can be operated from inside the cab by one person.

Side loaders are for residential collection. They are either operated manually or with a hydraulic collection arm. Compared to rear loaders, they can typically be operated by a smaller crew of either one or two workers. Despite this, rear loaders remain a popular choice as they generally have a larger carrying capacity than other configurations, which means trucks can make longer runs without having to unload at the dump.

Benefits of Buying a Used Packer Truck

Once you’ve determined the type of garbage truck your application requires, the next choice will likely be between buying new and used. Many fleet managers think buying new is the only way to guarantee quality, but that simply isn’t true. A used unit that has been well cared for may actually be more appropriate, not only because it costs less but because it allows you to get more for your money. Buying one of the used packer trucks for sale at Truck Site saves you up to 20% in depreciation costs, which means you can afford a more powerful, more efficient machine than you would be able to when buying new. That translates to ongoing savings through greater productivity, less downtime and lower fuel costs.

Shop Used Rear Loader Garbage Trucks at Truck Site

Truck Site has a great selection of used rear loader garbage trucks for sale. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we may be able to source it. Contact our team directly if you have any questions.

Most of the used rear loader dump trucks we have for sale come from local government agencies and meet our standards for being CaliforniaClean®. All CaliforniaClean® packer trucks have spent their lives in dry, inland climates and are completely rust-free, making them a great investment for the long-term.

Find out more about what we can do for you by following the links on this page or contacting us directly.

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