Used Air Sweepers

    Keeping city streets clean is a big job in any busy municipality. The technology behind a regenerative air sweeper helps crews work more effectively without sacrificing quality or cleanliness. While an air sweeper has traditionally been a big investment for many public works agencies, buying used can save you considerably. Truck Site has a number of used air sweepers for sale by manufacturers such as ElginTymcoSchwarze and more. We offer units for sale at a variety of price points —all are in excellent condition for their age and are delivered ready to put into use in any application.

    Air Sweeper Types

    We offer two main types of air sweeper for sale at Truck Site: vacuum sweepers and regenerative air sweepers. Both accomplish the same task of sucking up street debris and depositing it into an onboard hopper. The key difference between the two is that vacuum sweepers, as the name implies, work through suction alone, like a giant home vacuum.

    Regenerative (dustless) air sweepers, on the other hand, use pressurized air to move debris off the street and feed it into a vacuum mechanism. This “blast and pickup” cycle can sweep a larger width of street in a single pass, which improves productivity. It also has the advantage of being more environmentally friendly, not only because less fuel is used during cleaning, but also because the forced air system allows less particulate to escape into the atmosphere. Any of the dustless air sweepers for sale from Truck Site make an excellent choice for municipal use.

    One application in which conventional vacuum sweepers have the edge in is construction site cleanup. A powerful vacuum air sweeper is often better at picking up large chunks of brick, concrete and other debris. They are also typically less expensive to purchase, making any of the vacuum sweepers for sale from Truck Site a great choice for businesses on a budget.

    While most of our machines are gas-powered, CNG air sweepers are becoming increasingly popular as municipalities are getting proactive about meeting future emissions requirements. Truck Site has a number of CNG air sweepers for sale — check out our current inventory online today.

    Used Air Sweepers for Sale at Truck Site

    Most of the used air sweepers for sale at Truck Site have been sourced from government agencies, cities and counties.They have been routinely serviced throughout their operational life and can be counted on to deliver reliable performance for years to come. We guarantee that any used sweeper you purchase will be delivered to you in ready-to-work condition and will have been thoroughly inspected by our on-site mechanical team.

    Even a used air sweeper can be a big investment. It’s important to shop smart and from a reputable dealer when making any purchase. Any of the air sweepers for sale at Truck Site will make an excellent addition to your fleet. For assistance choosing the best model for your budget, contact us directly.

    Truck Site is a family-owned business with more than a decade of experience with vacuum and dustless sweeper sales. We have shipped air sweepers and other products to customers around the world and can help you meet any logistical challenges involved in delivering your purchase. Contact our team today!

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