Used Fire Trucks for Sale

A well-maintained fleet of fire trucks is an essential part of public safety in any municipality. At the same time, however, many fire departments are faced with declining budgets and other economic constraints. Buying used from a reputable dealer is one of the best ways to keep costs in check without compromising quality.

Truck Site has a growing inventory of used fire trucks for sale. All of our units are sourced from nearby municipalities and come fully inspected by our team of resident heavy equipment mechanics.

Buying used is always a gamble, but with the guaranteed quality the Truck Site team delivers, you can get a great machine for less. Check out our current selection of used fire trucks for sale below or contact a team member for assistance.

Fire Truck Buyer's Guide

There's a lot to consider when shopping for a used fire truck. The number of miles on the vehicle only tells part of the story. Before making any purchase, consider:

  • Vehicle history: Newer isn't always better. Like other heavy equipment, fire trucks are built to withstand a lot of abuse. Often, where and how a fire truck was used is more important than its age or the number of miles on the engine. At Truck Site, we source most of our used fire trucks from within the state of California. They haven't been exposed to the snow and salt that can cause premature rusting in other vehicles. This translates to less damaging wear and longer life for all structural components.
  • Aerial apparatuses: Buying used allows you to choose a unit specific to your needs rather than build one from scratch. This means you save money and spend less time getting your purchase ready for use. We have used fire trucks for sale with a wide range of aerial apparatuses, including tower ladders, quad ladders, tiller ladders and more.
  • Rescue apparatuses: Different rescue apparatuses serve different emergency response purposes. You can save money by choosing a used fire truck that's already equipped for your specific application, whether it's cleaning up hazardous material spills, fighting wildfires or anything else. While used units can be retrofitted with different rescue apparatuses, be aware that this is an additional expense to consider.

The Worldwide Shipping Experts

Truck Site has one of the best selections of fire trucks and other used municipal equipment for sale in the country. We can arrange for shipping to anywhere in the world, both within the continental United States and overseas. Financing is also available for qualified applicants — fill out a form online for approval within 24 hours or less.

Can't find the right product in our current inventory of used fire trucks for sale? We may be able to source exactly what you need. Call or email our office today.

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Fire Trucks - Engines & Pumpers
2004 International BME Type 4 250 GPM Brush Pumper

Type 4 Fire Pumper for Sale! 1,000 Gal Tank, Foam System, Very Clean!

Call For Price
hours 6,502
stock 13896
2002 International Pierce 500/1000/15 Type 3 Fire Truck

Low Miles/Hours, DT530, 1000GPM, Very Clean Ex-Gov't Unit!

Call For Price
miles 51,394
stock 14720
1999 American LaFrance 500/1500 Type 1 Fire Engine

Detroit Series 60, 500 Gal Water, Very Clean Ex-Gov't Unit!

Call For Price
miles 115,683
stock 14535
1999 American LaFrance ALFD150-21 1500/450/30 Type 1 Fire Truck

Detroit 60 Series, Plumbed for Deck Gun, Akron Foam!

Call For Price
miles 135,341
stock 14622
1998 International 4900 Type 3 500/500/25 Fire Pumper

Low Miles/Hours, Waterous 500GPM, Dual Hose Reels, Ex-Gov't Unit!

Call For Price
miles 31,614
stock 14676
1997 HME 1871 3D Manufacturing 1500/500 Fire Pumper

Cummins N14, Deck Gun, Plumbed for Deck Gun, Very Clean Unit!

Call For Price
miles 80,379
stock 13823
1992 International 4800 4x4 500/500/20 Type 3 Fire Pumper

Low Miles, Darley 500GPM Pump, Hale FoamPro, Ex-Gov't Unit!

Call For Price
miles 20,955
stock 14702
1991 Ford F800 Crew Cab Type 3 Fire Pumper

7.8L Diesel, 6-Spd Manual, 400GPM Pump, Clean Unit!

Call For Price
miles 119,568
stock 14731
Fire Trucks - Ladders & Quints
2000 E-One Cyclone HP 100' Quint 2000/500 Truck

Cummins, Auto, Hale 2,000 GPM Pump, 500 Gal!

Call For Price
miles 100,268
stock 14297
1999 Spartan Gladiator LTI AH-75 Quint Aerial Ladder Truck

1500 GPM, Water/Foam Combo, Generator, Very Clean Unit!

Call For Price
miles 45,594
stock 13822
1997 Spartan Gladiator Simon-LTI 75' Aerial Ladder Truck

75' Ladder Truck for Sale, Detroit 60, Akron Tip Monitor!

Call For Price
hours 10,179
stock 13116
1997 Spartan Gladiator LTI 75' Aerial Ladder Fire Truck

Detroit 60, Low Miles, Very Clean Ex-City Unit!

Call For Price
miles 57,395
stock 13971
1995 Spartan Gladiator LTI 110' Quint 1750/150 Ladder Truck

Low Miles/Hours, 150 Gal Tank, A/C!

Call For Price
miles 55,177
stock 13695
Fire Trucks - Wildland & Brush
1999 International 4800 4x4 Type 3 500/500/15 Fire Pumper

Low Miles/Hours, Darley 500 GPM, Dual Hose Reel, Ex-Gov't Unit!

Call For Price
miles 62,930
stock 14333
1998 International 4900 Type III 500/500/20 Fire Pumper

Low Miles/Hours, DT466E, Dual Hose Reels, Ex-Gov't Unit!

Call For Price
miles 15,821
stock 14539